Bob & Jan Drawe

To perspective home buyers

When starting down the journey of building our Dream Home, Jan and I found out that there were a million things to consider. Our first challenge was finding the perfect development in the Texas Hill Country. Well, we fell into it when we selected Cordillera Ranch. So many pluses placed this location as the #1 premier development in Texas. It was close to a small town for everyday life and close to a big city for such things as top-flight medical facilities; these are important things if you are over 60.

Next comes the selection of your builder. In Cordillera, there is a list of approved Builders to help you narrow down that task. We looked thoroughly at the different homes under construction by the different approved Builders and in different construction phases. Our findings were clear. My wife saw the beauty that she was looking for on the inside as well as the outside. I found the quality in the structural, electrical and mechanical. I was seeking. Our choice was Burdick & Christofilis Custom Homes.

From day one after signing with Burdick & Christofilis, Damon Christofilis was there. Beginning with four acres of cedar, oak and rock, Damon listened and guided us through the siting, design and specifications process. Taking our thoughts, desires and undeveloped ideas, Damon was able to create drawings and documents that describe our Dream Home. The contract price was fair and the allowances were liberal. We were off and running.

Since I was retired and my wife had one more year to work, all I had to do was oversee the construction of our new home. Simply, an engineer’s dream. I spent 2 to 3 days a week for close to a year watching our home being built. The foundation, stonework, framing, wiring, plumbing, roof, stucco, paint, tile, granite and driveway – WOW, I could write a book with each one of these as a chapter.

My greatest memories will surround Damon’s right hand man, JasonHurt. I witnessed his knowledge and expertise take those specs and drawings and bring our Dream House to life. Jason thought like I did; he was detailed and thorough. His working relationship with a contractor brought results that exceeded my expectations. There was never a time during the process that Jason did not listen to our concerns and treat me and my wife with the utmost respect. His actions were always consistent with the premise, that he was building our home as if it were his own.

Damon and Jason are now like members of our family, that is how close we have become. Their contractors like Stuie, Mike, Paco, Delb, Junior and his dad Senior, Doug, Linda, Foy and Mitch are people I now consider as friends.

So for peace of mind that your dream home will be built with lasting quality and Beauty, wouldn’t you be missing the boat by not allowing those kind of people to build one for you?

P.S. After the closing, Damon and Jason service their product with an amazing 60-day, 6 month and 12-month scheduled service visit – and I bet you could also call them even after that. That is the kind of people they are.

Bob & Jan Drawe


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