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As one of Cordillera Ranch’s original home builders, we’ve built some of the most iconic homes throughout the entire area. We’ve established ourselves as one of the premier home builders of Cordillera Ranch by taking care of each one of our clients needs and requests in the building of their dream home. We hope you will give us the opportunity to build yours as we would love to help you on your journey to finding home. See the map below for all of the houses we’ve been apart of.

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We’ve helped hundreds of Cordillera property owners build their dream home. Sometimes we have built them second homes in Cordillera Ranch. We’ve built all over the Ranch as you can see from the map below. Damon and Sherry Christofilis have lived in 8 different homes in different parts of the ranch for over 19 years.  We’ve been blessed to have the same Project Manager for over 18 years, which provides for an efficient process and a known quality home.

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