Darin & Lisa Holderness

We had visited Cordillera Ranch a few times before we decided this is the place we wanted to be. We
thought it would be a good idea to visit with a builder prior to buying a lot. Damon, the only builder we
heard back from, quickly returned our call and visited the lot we were thinking about and provided
excellent input on his thoughts of the lot. Now we have a lot. We purchased the lot and had no
immediate plans to begin the building process.

We had never built a house but heard the bad stories and how that could stress a marriage. At no time
during the building process did we have a bad experience. Damon, Barbara Burger (Designer) and Jason
Hurt (Project Manager) were a joy to be around and actually made the process fun. We did talk to more
than one builder and their teams, as well as talked to their references, to decide the best path forward.

Damon and team by far was the best selection by in our mind. With a recommendation from Damon we selected an architect. Damon and Barbara attended numerous hours of meeting with the architect and offered excellent advice on matters to consider, which was greatly appreciated since we had never built a house. We found the personal attention that
Damon provided to be refreshing, which in talking to other folks many of the other builders do not provide that type of attention.

Damon and team laid out a time line of expectations from ground breaking to moving in and the steps
we would go through. After we broke ground we generally made a monthly trip to see the progress of
the project and make the needed selections. Damon and the team made these very useful and efficient
trips. As the building process proceeded we got to know Jason. As we moved along in the process Jason
and Damon offered up ideas and suggestions for changes in a manner that allowed us the ability to
make a decision without backtracking in the process. Anytime we had a thought or question we were
able to reach out to anyone on the team and they quickly and happily responded.

Our beautiful home was completed on time. Upon moving in the team was there to help in the move in
process and to educate us on the detailed aspects of our home (i.e. a crash course on the house). After
moving in we had a lot of questions. If you called Jason or Damon they quickly responded or showed up
at the house to help you through the question.

We have been in the house now over 7 months. They asked us to provide a punch list of items we find,
which I believe is normal. They have promptly addressed the items on the punch list, even as the punch
list changed.

We are very happy with our decision of the team we selected to build our dream home. They made the
process pleasurable and easy on us. I would recommend Damon and his team to anyone who is looking
to build a home.

Darin & Lisa Holderness


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