Jeff & Anne Boies

My husband and I have been married for 40 years and this is our 20th home. We have bought used homes, bought new model homes, and designed and built 4 homes from scratch during those years. We moved all over the countryside too many times to mention due to my husband’s employment. We have collected several horror stories when we built from the ground up; we had builders who were seldom on the job site, builders who didn’t follow through, builders who couldn’t keep a foreman for more than 3 months, builders who disappeared from the face of the earth when the job was completed and never to come back for punch list items, builders who couldn’t keep crews for one reason or another, etc etc. Ah, yes, we remember those days well. So when we bought a lot in cordillera we met with one builder who was not a Cordillera Ranch builder. We used this builder’s architect to begin construction drawings. After 3 months we were not satisfied with the architect’s ideas nor the fact that we discovered that the house wouldn’t fit on the lot. Looked like another horror story was about to evolve. At that point we met with Damon Christofilis. Damon recommended an architect he uses and that got the ball rolling. At every single meeting with his architect Damon sat down for hours and tweaked the plans room by room with us. We met with his architect at least 8 times before approving the plans and Damon was always there.

Now we have an excellent house plan in hand and Damon signed on as our builder but had another problem on the horizon. The developer of Cordillera promised a road to our lot by January 2015 to replace the dirt one. Now we’re ready to build but the road was delayed. So Damon, being creative, went to the lot owners and the developer of Cordillera getting permission to put in a temporary road of rocks so construction could begin. After getting permission approved, he began building our home on generators and bringing in water tanks so building crews had water available. We had no electrical, gas nor water available to our lot until just 3 weeks before we actually moved in.

Damon has a “golden” cloud over his head keeping good crews he has used for years and a construction superintendent who checks out every detail. Jason Hurt has been Damon’s top man for 14 years and he is on the job site daily to make sure every crew is doing a top-notch job. He inspects every aspect of the building process. His experience and knowledge is absolutely remarkable. If you call Jason he is there on the spot. In all of our building experiences, we have NEVER had a construction superintendent who’s energetic, trained to inspect every detail, and keeps the crews working at a good pace. All the crews respect Jason and, must say, my husband and I like Jason as a person and now a fine friend.

To end our recommendation letter, we must say that this building experience was an educational and exciting building process. Damon and Jason’s determination to make our home unique and appealing was extremely “painless” for us. Would we recommend Damon as a builder to anyone? – Hell, yes we would!!! By closing of this letter, we’re giving Damon and/or Jason authority to bring prospective buyers into our home to view their workmanship at any time. We know you will be impressed and please with Damon’s talents and professionalism in the building industry… we sure were!! Feel free to call 936-523-0331 if you would like to talk about any part of the building process we experienced.

Best Regards,

Jeff & Anne Boies


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