Jim and Linda Parmigiano

We moved into our home October, 2013. Damon Christofilis was our builder. In our opinion, Damon possessed confidence and knowledge far exceeding the other builders we met. We visited with Damon for almost a year discussing style, plans and our desires. We were new at this, it was our first custom home.

There is no doubt there are many qualified builders in the areas, however, we believe four things differentiate the experience we had vs. many of our friends.

A) Damon was with us the entire way, never substituted, always available.

B) There is one supervisor for all the jobs, Jason Hurt. Not only is he very good at what he does, he adds to the building experience. Jason’s attention to detail is unparalleled. We have friends in Cordillera Ranch who contracted with other builders who went through as many as four supervisors during their construction.

C) Sub Contractors: Tile Layers, Cabinet Makers, Trim Carpenters, Framers, Pool & Landscape, Stone Masons, etc… We met with all of these people all the time, they were all very professional, courteous and extremely competent. I would call these vendors after we moved in for something needing attention and they would come out immediately. We were very impressed.

D) Damon went out of his way to introduce us to other residents of Cordillera Ranch, many of his clients. He wanted to make sure we made friends and he laid the ground work for us to do just that. Many of our best friends today are the couples Damon introduced us to.

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